Rate Their Chances MultiVersus Edition: Day 135 - Swamp Thing (DC Comics) and Wilt (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends) (2024)


Chance: 5%

This is an interesting topic. Fortnite is absolutely massive and Fortnite's own crossovers generate a ton of press. Fortnite's also collaborated with WB a bunch with DC, Rick, Dune, and other properties. There are two big issues with a potential Fortnite crossover in my mind:

  1. Fortnite's own original characters would only really be sellable to the Fortnite crowd and it's unlikely they'd hop over to Multiversus and, more importantly, spend money to play as Jonesy or Geno or someone, which makes the collaboration unappealing to both parties.
  2. Would Epic really care enough to bother licensing content out for a smaller game.

The second thing is the bigger problem. Epic would make significantly more money doing collaborations within Fortnite itself than licensing out Fortnite characters to WB for use. That being said, it is Fortnite so I don't think it would be impossible, just that I highly doubt either party is interested in making it happen.

Want: Abstain

So I'm a weirdo that has never played Fortnite, and I'm sad I missed the Dune collab. If those skins are reran for Part 2 later this year, I'll finally play the game. Until then, no strong opinion. It would certainly be a thing.

This is the Future of Entertainment

Chance: 0%

For those sadly uninformed about this absolute masterpiece, Milf Manor is a reality TV show airing on TLC, which was once upon a time, known as The Learning Channel. TLC comes from the Discovery half of the company. The premise of the show is simple: eight women aged 40-60 live in the titular Manor and will be dating a group of younger men. Surprising absolutely no one especially when this was billed as "a twist," these men turn out to be their sons. Hilariously, this premise is remarkably similar to a 30 Rock joke so that already sets the standard of quality here.

Milf Manor is the future. Think of any canceled Warner Bros. project. Anything that's no longer available due to tax reasons. Anything that was actually completed and will never see the light of day. This is the end result. Quick and easy to make reality shows. Given that this is the future, having Mlf Manor content in Multiversus would be a slam dunk - unfortunately, the show, being a reality show, lacks a lead "character" so to speak, and I have the slightest suspicion that none of the contests would really make for an interesting fighting game character even ignoring likeness issues and picking one random person. Including the titular Milf Manor as a stage is truly the best way to represent the property.

Ignoring the obvious subject matter, the target audiences of Multiversus and Milf Manor do not overlap in the slightest which makes cross promotion extremely unappealing, and that is the only way this could ever feasibly happen. I highly doubt anyone of the dev team is itching to include a reality TV show stage - much less this one - when thousands of iconic WB affiliated locales are still available to choose from. Hell, given the name of the show itself could pose some issues on the content side, there's no chance this would ever seriously happen unless the executives want to push something from their new slate and forget that Gunn's DC Universe exists. It's not like they added Harry Styles from Don't Worry Darling just because it was one of the two films they released last year, there's a reason Black Adam was the main promotional pick.

Want: 85%

Okay but what if though?

As depressing as it is that actual potentially interesting and unique content has taken a back seat to the absolute bottom of the barrel because that's what gets you money quickly, the idea is hilarious. First, you'd have the corporate side going in and telling the team that they must include Milf Manor. Just imagine, you're on a project that's a big crossover between some of the most recognizable properties in entertainment excited to work on something amazing, but some guy tells you that you gotta instead model out a random mansion in Mexico to promote this absolute dreck of a TV show that only really exists because they want to turn a quick buck. Multiversus doesn't do this but I'm imagining a Sakurai style presentation where Tony Huynh spends 5 minutes talking about all the cameos in painstaking detail, giving mini biographies of these actual real life people and I lose it. Like with any joke pick, the appeal would fade pretty quickly, but going this far down the bottom of the barrel would be something else. The titular Milf Manor being a stage in the Shaggy fighting game would represent the absolute state of Warner Bros. Discovery. The only pick that could be funnier (and less objectionable) is 90 Day Fiance Universe representation, which according to Discovery, is a franchise on par with Batman.

Noms: All on Agent Smith

Rate Their Chances MultiVersus Edition: Day 135 - Swamp Thing (DC Comics) and Wilt (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends) (2024)


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