Game8 Pokemon Scarlet (2024)

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  • Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (SV) are the newest Gen 9 Pokemon games for the Nintendo Switch! Learn about everything from the best starter and team, walkthroughs for each storyline, to the complete Paldea Pokedex, with all the new Pokemon!

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  • ポケモンSV(スカーレットバイオレット)の攻略サイトです。新ポケモンやストーリー攻略、ポケモン図鑑やレイドバトルなどの情報を最速でお届けします。ポケモンSVの攻略はGame8にお任せください!

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  • ポケモンSV(スカーレットバイオレット)における、ポケモン交換の掲示板です。ポケモン掲示板では、スカーレットバイオレットで欲しいポケモンや、出したいポケモンをすぐに選べるツール機能が備わっています。ポケモンsvでポケモン交換をやりたい方はぜひみにきてください。

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  • Pokémon Unite codes can gift you with some extra coins and other extravagant extras to your trainers if some new Holowear or a license caught your eye.

Game8 Pokemon Scarlet (2024)


Do your answers matter in Pokémon Scarlet? ›

Throughout Scarlet and Violet, there are a multitude of dialogue options that appear during conversations. However, for the most part, these have no bearing on the main story of the game; NPCs may react differently or provide slightly different information, but this will not cascade into any larger differences.

Can you fail the interview Pokémon Scarlet? ›

If players answer any of Rika's questions incorrectly, they'll fail the assessment and be asked to leave.

Should I tell Clavell what Cheugy means? ›

It means “old and outdated,” so ignore the other two choices. It definitely isn't a gumball. If you landed here on accident and don't know what's going on, Director Clavell asks you this question shortly after you enroll at the academy and he introduces you to Professor Sada or Professor Turo.

Why is Pokémon Scarlet so difficult? ›

Pokemon Scarlet, like its sister game Violet, ramps up the difficulty for a few reasons. First off, it's the series' first dive into an open-world format, meaning you might wander into areas where the wild Pokémon and trainers pack a serious punch compared to your team.

Does Pokemon Scarlet have cheats? ›

While there are no official cheats for Scarlet and Violet, there are however several rather useful glitches and workarounds that can get Poképlayers a lot of extra items and money.

What happens if you complete all classes in Pokemon Scarlet? ›

After the finals, you'll get five Exp. Candy M for each completed exam. Once you've finished all the classes, you'll earn five Exp. Point Candy L.

How long does it take to 100% Pokemon Scarlet? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is about 32 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 85 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

What is the hardest item to get in Pokemon Scarlet? ›

The Ice Stone is by far the hardest evolutionary stone to get in Scarlet & Violet. Even though there are only three Pokémon in the game who use it to evolve, it's an exceedingly rare item, found in some of the most remote parts of Paldea.

What happens if you get a question wrong in Pokémon Violet? ›

Note: You get a question in each lecture. If you answer the question wrong, you do not get a penalty. You can revisit a class if you want to. If you fail a midterm or a final exam, you have to retake the test.

How to befriend Tyme? ›

After joining her class for the first time, you can find Ms. Tyme in the Staff Room. During your conversation, another student will ask about her time as a Gym Leader. You won't learn of her story just yet but you'll become slightly closer to Ms.

Is cheugy actually used? ›

Cheugy (/ˈtʃuːɡi/ CHOO-gee) is an American neologism coined in 2013 as a pejorative description of lifestyle trends associated with the early 2010s. This aesthetic has been described as "the opposite of trendy" or "trying too hard". The term has been used positively by some who identify with the aesthetic.

Which gym is the hardest in Pokemon Scarlet? ›

Alfornada Gym: Level 44 Farigiraf, Level 44 Gardevoir, Level 44 Espathra, Level 45 Florges. Tulip and her Psychic types are among the toughest battles of Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, not just in the Gym challenge. Tulip has a team that can resist Psychic's weaknesses: Bug, Dark, and Ghost.

What is the toughest Pokemon in Scarlet? ›

Dubbed as the hardest to Obtain Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet, you won't be getting your hands on a Palafin UNLESS you have friends.

Can you overlevel in Pokemon Scarlet? ›

Pokémon Scarlet And Violet's Leveling Problem

Game Freak set the levels too close together, and just with natural progression, players can level their Pokémon to the point where they are over leveled for nearby content.

Is there a point in taking classes Pokemon Scarlet? ›

These classes are a great opportunity to investigate Paldean lore, brush up on your knowledge of battling, and learn just about every subject in between.

Will my Pokémon stop obeying me scarlet? ›

If the Pokemon you caught is above the obedience level, It'll disobey you. But if you catch one below the obedience level, it'll always obey you, even if it surpasses the obedience level. Also, when people mention a certain number of badges to get, they mean Gym Badge.

Do IVs matter in Pokemon Scarlet? ›

Although IVs are very important, you'll need to choose the correct nature for your Pokemon, and ensure you level up their EVs to maximize their beneficial stats. This can be a long process, but it is made significantly easier in Scarlet and Violet thanks to Hyper Training and Nature Mints.

How should you complete Pokemon Scarlet? ›

Best Progression Route in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
  1. Cortondo Gym (Bug) - Level 14.
  2. Stony Cliff Titan Klawf (Rock) - Level 16.
  3. Artazon Gym (Grass) - Level 16.
  4. Open Sky Titan Bombirdier (Flying) - Level 19.
  5. Team Star Dark Crew (Dark) - Level 20.
  6. Levincia Gym (Electric) - Level 23.
  7. Team Star Fire Crew (Fire) - Level 26.
Jun 24, 2023


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