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actually stopped taking the drug within that first year. for all sorts of different reasons. but i think a big part of that aside effects how severe are the side effects now that there's been some time and some more study. and when moore just real life examples of people taking these drugs in most people, they are going to be mild side effects, but i'll put a list of the side effects up and i'll tell you as you think about these side effects, remember, this is working on the brain to say that your full, it's working on the gut to slow down your digestion so that you can actually digest your food better. >> well, that can lead to nausea, that can lead to vomiting, even bowel obstruction in some cases, it stimulating your pancreas to make more insulin that could lead to pancreatitis so these are potential side effects. i think for the vast majority of people now that we have a lot more data, it does appear to be pretty safe, although a lot of people do get mild side effects, especially when they first her start taking the medications, which is why the dosing has sort of increased over time sort of accelerated over time. but that is sort of

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what we know at this point. >> it is really interesting getting, finally getting the start of some answers to questions that have been lingering since these, these popular drugs kind of stormed onto the stage really interesting to see this now, sanjay, thank you so much. and the good news is everybody is if you still have questions, sandra is actually going to come back with us later this week and answer your questions about these popular weight weight-loss drugs. you can scan the qr code that you see in your screen to submit your questions. and we'll have that for you later this week. but right now, let new hour of cnn, new central starts we have got live pictures of the u.s. >> capitol because happening now, house democrats are walking into a meeting that will help beside the president future. and we have new reporting on which way the wind is blowing millions of americans are waking up without power and in sweltering heat this morning, the danger kristen left behind by hurricane beryl in this

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morning, alec baldwin goes on trial for manslaughter in the fatal shooting on the set of the movie rust i'm john berman with kate baldwin and sara sidner in this is cnn new central happening now house democrats are meeting behind closed doors. will they come out united for or against biden's bid for the presidency? it is a crucial test for president biden and his reelection campaign. the president's fighting to stay in the race after six house democrats publicly called for him to step aside with more reportedly doing the same privately. but house minority leader hakeem jeffries. so far standing by president biden. and so are the congressional black and hispanic caucuses but the house democratic caucus meeting is just the first of three crucial moments today. senate democrats are also meeting and then all eyes turn to president biden as he meets

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with nato leaders in washington, dc cnn's arlette sines is at the white house for us first this morning. tell us what you're hearing from the white house. well sara this is a key day for president biden as democrats are all altogether back up on capitol hill today, with many expected to be discussing the future of president biden's candidacy. >> any moment now, the house democratic caucus is set to meet. this will be the first time that these lawmakers are all together in a room since that debate a performance that has prompted all of these questions about the future of biden's candidacy. now, are our colleagues who are up on capitol hill say that already heading into this meeting, it appears that there are divisions among these lawmakers as they are expected to air out some of their concerns or potentially their support for president biden want to play you a bit of what one of those lawmakers and mike quigley, had to tell our colleagues just a short while ago the fighting spirit and pride courage that

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served the country so well four years ago, joe biden and win well, bring the ticket down this time. he just has to step down because he can't win i, colleagues need to recognize that dismissive ladder, not going to change any mind know congressman quigley is one of those six house democratic lawmakers who has publicly called for president biden to step aside from the democratic ticket. >> there are others who have also privately expressed those concerns. but at the same same time, there's also been groups rallying around president biden last night. he called into virtually a meeting of the congressional black caucus to insist he is staying in this race and thank them for the work that they've done with the administration. a source familiar with the call said that it lasted more than 30 minutes and that there was no pushback from the members of that call so far? no members of the congressional black caucus

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have publicly break from president biden instead many have been lending their support to him. so president biden, still working to try to hold onto the democratic support that he does have up on capitol hill. in addition, to this meeting of the house democrats, the senate democratic caucus is set to meet later today for their weekly lunch. in this could also be an opportunity for them to discuss the president's candidacy so far, there has been no senate democrats to publicly say that the president should step aside. but several have expressed concerns about that debate performance and are urging president biden to do more all of this is playing out as the nato summit is also set to kick off here in washington dc today, that summit expected to focus on the future of ukraine, as well as what could happen to nato if trump is reelected to it? a second term. but all eyes will be on president biden during this summit, as well as that solo news conference. he'll have later in the week as he is trying to hold on and save his candidacy, despite some serious doubts from within his party

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all right. >> arlette saens. thank you so much, john. i know you talked to mr. quigley. he is sticking with his guns. this could be a contentious meeting, potentially with the congressional democratic congressional members this morning happening now? yeah, no doubt in nothing is more important than hearing from those members as they go into that meeting and emerge from it. we are going to get there so you can hear from those members of congress to see which way the wind is blowing with us. now cnn political commentator karen finney and former special assistant to president trump, mark lauder and karen on that note. i do really want to hear from those members as they go in and emerge from that meeting. and maybe even during the meeting yeah, i hang on one second, guys. jerry nehl adler, who has come out and said the president should step aside, is speaking right now, let's listen the only candidate well, you do hear about it turns out able to serve out the rest of the term just to be clear, sir, you do not want the president to drop

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out no, is your support for the president or pragmatic consideration given his presidency that he made it i know these are not no choice that night i'm talking. about really well yes as the president said 90% of democrats voting primaries, he wasn't nomination thanks to why the reversal you feel about for a fact that the parkinson's specialist visit the white house eight times well, apparently he visited for other people because you're at least to have changing really security barrier. >> we need to get set for lawrence all right, now, we are

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going to keep monitoring that to see what other members go in. >> but what you just heard there is hugely important that was new york congressman jerry nadler, the ranking member, i believe the house judiciary committee at this point, karen finney, there were reports that in the private phone call among house leaders the other day nabla, the man you just heard there was one of the members of congress who said that he wanted president biden does step aside and the presidential race. now, as she is walking into this meeting, he says, president biden is our candidate. he says he is firmly behind the president. was this thing done and dusted at this point, karen i don't think anything's ever done and dusted, come on now, this is pilot john, but couple of considerations that i think mr. nadler may have been heard after he was had said one thing. >> again, remember the president has not only did he get 14 million votes in our nominating process, which technically has ended, he has

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nearly 4,000 pledged delegates and what that means is these members of congress, they don't get to vote until the second round of voting. so that means as long as the president, over the weekend, there's a lot of checking in with those delegates. they are sticking with the president. so technically that means he's gotten the nomination right second piece of this, what they may be able to talk about in this meeting is sure they're going to be some frontline democrats to say, i'm concerned. but guess what, they probably weren't going to be running with the president anyway so strategically people are going to have to do what they have to do to win and look, we've got to win the house and the senate regardless of also winning the presidency. if we're going to finish an enacting the agenda that president biden, vice president harris have been running on again, i think it'll be a tough conversation, but going in there with the support of the congressional black caucus okay, this is a huge deal. >> again, just to be clear, so

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everyone knows here i think everyone has been clear from the time of the debate that the only way things changes if president biden himself steps aside, he's got the delegates in his pocket and less he says he is done. so that's what people have been waiting to see what's significant there is jerry nadler again, reportedly wanted him to step aside the president now he doesn't want him to step aside. one other thing, kara, i want to ask you about is that president biden in the white house saying, oh, it's only the media elites who have been suggesting the president is step aside. john king went to wisconsin. you know, we heard him talking to voters. there these are voters, regular americans are the ones expressing democrats are the ones expressing their concerns right now, i'm not sure it's just the elites, is it? >> well again, the delegates that we're talking about are regular americans, remember the superdelegates, the unpledged delegates, members of congress. that's a different set of delegates in when we're talking about the delegates were talking about regular people. and frankly, john, over the weekend, one of our correspondents who was with the president, talked to some folks

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looks outside of an event and they said, yeah, we're in we're in it for just going to jump in for one second. nancy pelosi, the former speaker, is walking and let's listen body it was quiet sounds of nancy pelosi ensuring that meeting right now, we did not exactly here actually one second. >> let's go to lauren fox, who's standing by there. lauren, what else have you heard in the last few minutes yeah, this morning we are watching as members are entering this meeting. >> and right now, what you are hearing are disparate views. we heard mike quigley say as he entered that he didn't think that biden couldn't necessarily win this race against donald trump. we also heard though, from others who say that they are hoping this is an opportunity for people who have concerns to vent those concerns. and then perhaps walk out of this meeting united as the democratic party behind joe

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biden. but one thing to keep in mind here is the fact that all of this heartburn, all of this discussion about whether or not joe biden is up to the task, does make it harder for democrats to later on unify and rally behind the president. because in some ways they have already started to question his ability to do this job, to keep this job, and i think that that is something that talking with democrats, they are worried could play into republicans hands going in to the november election. so obviously members here have very different views of what they hope comes out of this meeting. and as tina smith, a democratic senator from minnesota, so to put it to me last night, there really is no easy option right now if they decide to stick with biden, they have to defend him. they have to explain why some members had concerns in a matchup with donald trump. if they decide to move on, that unleashes an entirely complicated process that is

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completely unprecedented. that is what democrats are dealing with this morning. obviously, we're gonna be watching very closely to see what had came. jeffries, the democratic leader tells his caucus in this meeting again, it's important to point out that democrats are expected to not have their phones this meeting, this is supposed to be a closed door family discussion. >> alright. lauren fox there walking in behind you. we'll let you get to chasing them and shouting at them. let us know what you here will put you on the minute you get new reaction there. i have karen finney and marc lotter here and karen, if you will, i'm just gonna get to marc for question because i'm afraid of work ahead of time here in a second. mark scott jennings are republican from was on before and he said, donald trump would rather run against joe biden, right now than another candidate do you agree with that? do you think that the democrats now, by not if they are not going to change horses, now, are giving you what you want? >> i don't actually think it matters which democrat is up on top of the ticket, obviously, joe biden adds a different dynamic, but the problem is that we keep forgetting, is

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that joe biden's policies are unpopular. there's a reason why two thirds of the american people think the country is headed on the wrong track. and when you look at the polling averages, joe biden has 60, 65% disapproval on the economy, inflation, the border foreign policy crime, all of those are underlying reasons why joe biden is unpopular. the age issue is just adding another layer to it. so whomever you're running against, the policies are going to be the same trump will continue to run against those no matter what name appears on the top line karen, if president biden does make it through today, if this house meeting they come out of it, they say the unified and their support of president biden, the senate, say it's the same, says the same later today. >> is it possible that could change in the next few weeks? is there a news a news conference on thursday if the news conference that the president gives, if that goes badly, do you think he's run out of strikes here? >> well, a couple of things. first, i want to say actually

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joe biden's policies are very popular and a poll that does not necessarily correlate to how people feel about the direction of the country's second look, i think the hope of this strategy that the white house has put in place is to have a good week and be able to then let the republicans take center stage next week with the hope that the contrast between the two reminds voters why they want joe biden, why joe biden and his policies are the right choice? look, we'll have to see what happens in this press conference later this week and how things go this week with the nato leaders. obviously, they've got some very tough topics with regard to ukraine and standing up to continuing to stand up to russia and not to mention what's happening in the middle east all right, hang on. let's listen one more. we have a congressman going in right at max frost, i believe from florida. let's listen the far right wing that's the same thing they can bring it up

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campaigns begin with young voters to one fellman. >> so we, from failure, i'm sorry, is he won bad performance away. he's many good performances from winning but that's what we've seen over the past week. and i think we'll continue to see him do you make of the debate what your mind, what do you make of his performance? that performance was bad. >> debate was bad luck what changed my mind? my mind? my mind was changed. i wanted to hear that plan from the campaign, what they were going to do, and that type of ad spend, plus the president being out there being forceful on project 2025. and the reason he's running he assured me again, i'll be on the road this weekend. new hampshire. i'm throwing the first pitch at a baseball game and i went to art school. so keep me in your prayers but i feel good about the plan democrats can win in november. i believe democrats went up and down the ballot. joe biden will be reelected and we're going to take the house so you can you can carry can. >> it is interesting hearing people going in there does seem that the president is in a better position today than he may have been over the last few

6:17 am

days. >> marc lotter from donald trump's perspective, any of this it's have an impact on the vice presidential selection. again, there's some notion that he might be willing to make a riskier pick if he thinks his position is better against president biden no, i think they'll make the smart pick and look. the map is growing. it's in favor of donald trump already. you know, i think the biggest factor that could weigh into it is an expanding map. do you look at somebody like a governor glenn youngkin and put the commonwealth of virginia even further into play, or the other states is there? someone out there that could maybe move the map even further? so i think they're always going to look at it as who adds the most to the ticket because right now they're winning and they want to keep winning karen finney, marc lotter, i appreciate you both hanging with me through here as we see those members walk in quite a morning. sara all right. >> the stakes incredibly high for president biden as he welcomes nato leaders to washington, dc, can he use this

6:18 am

summit to prove he's fit for a second term in their eyes. and hurricane beryl took a deadly path through texas, knocking out power to millions of people, just as brutal heat is settling over that state will have more on that ahead july 21, a special how to defend and search for suspect how it really happened. >> the atlanta olympic bombing, vermeer's july 21 at nine on cnn. >> i never want to shop for car insurance again with the experian insurance marketplace. i don't have to face shock for me with over 40 top providers and they alert me about better rates in the future. free, i saved 800 bucks, go to slash car you've had thyroid disease for a long time and you've lived with the damage it caused. but even after all these years

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conquer 300. thank you notes. >> over what e right? with a smooth writing, longest lasting gelling pin in america g2 look at this this is happening welcome to the more than 2 million people in texas are in the dark this morning, but the threat of power outages lingering for days or even weeks. >> this crisis comes on the heels of hurricane beryl's devastating landfall in southern texas, which claimed at least seven lives in texas and one in louisiana on top of the power outages and flooding, there's a heat advisory happening now, temperatures may

6:23 am

sweltered to more than 90 degrees, feeling like 105 degrees although downgraded to a tropical depression, beryl still threatens the midwest meteorologist derek van dam is in rosenberg, texas. i know you are there with the folks that are going to be sorted and to fix this power problem. but it is widespread and it is dangerous temperatures that they're going to be dealing with yes. >> sara, you know, the combination of a hurricane, a heat wave at a multiday power outage is really a nightmare scenario. one that's only going to become more common as humans continue to warm the planet, helping fuel stronger storms like hurricane beryl, but income the troops, the cavalry, you can see them behind me. we're at one of about a dozen the staging areas. this is called a utility restoration staging area. it is a massive multistate effort to restore power to the people. obviously that is the priority here to bring back electricity to the over 2 million customers

6:24 am

without it here in the state of texas before the heat sets in the race is truly on in harris county alone where houston is located, 70% of customers without power take it from me. i drove around houston this morning in the dark down trees, power lines. it was treacherous, two 2.3 million people across the state of texas. and look, the heat that is moving in means that people will not have an opportunity to cool themselves or seek relief with air conditioning. heat indices upwards of 105 degrees. that's why the national weather service issued this heat advisory for houston and much the eastern sections of texas, and that is of course, right where hurricane beryl barreled through the state only yesterday. now, look at these feels like temperatures that's when you factor in the temperature and the humidity. we're talking triple digit heat for so many locations and so many people here who do not have power at the moment. now, across the state of louisiana, they start a record number of tornado warnings from the

6:25 am

shreveport national weather service operations center and of course, with these tornadoes yesterday from hurricane beryl knocked out power there as well. so it's not just texas, it's up through arkansas, parts of louisiana, and into other locations. so this combination, sara is potentially deadly for people as they look to clean up their yard in the wake of hurricane beryl back to you, the heat and humidity day is treacherous even without beryl there. so what a difficult time fine for people there. derek van dam. thank you to you and your crew for hanging out there and giving us the story. we appreciate it. kate we will take you back, live outside that critical meeting of house democrats on capitol hill what is leader? >> jeffries message to his caucus about president biden is it's about to get underway and a legend was born 20 years ago today the batman do brands

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6:31 am

say? cnn senior data reporter, harry enten is with us now, mike quigley, who was on with us yesterday, one of the things he continues to say is that biden will drag us all down if he stays on the ticket, it's going to hurt house democrats. what do the numbers say right now in terms of the house? yeah. i mean, look, they may be able to run slightly ahead of joe biden, but the fact of the matter is you look at the national polling, the generic congressional ballot choice for usf. look at this cnn poll plus two republican wall street journal, paul plus three republican monmouth university poll, plus three republican, yeah, joe biden may be in slightly worst shape in these particular polls. but the fact is, when buying and it's down 456 points since you can only run so far ahead of joe biden at this particular point, at least in the race for the house, it does seem like republicans are ahead because donald trump is so far ahead. what's the senate landscape? yeah, what's the senate landscape? i mean, take a look here. gop needs just a gain of one for control. if trump wins and their path is extremely clear. because their best chance for pickup opportunity is in west virginia. that's a

6:32 am

very likely gop wynwood with joe manchin retiring and the best pickup chance perhaps to reverse that. the gop doesn't gain a net gain of at least one is texas, but that's still a likely gop when the fact is, if donald trump wins this election the race for the senate for all intensive purposes in my mind, is over one of the things i have heard from democrats running for congress is, okay if president biden's not doing well, will say is it makes it all that much more important to elect a democratic house and a democratic senate. maybe they can gain support that way, but doesn't work like that. split tickets anymore. it really doesn't. let's go back since 2000, same party won presidency and congress yes five times. no was just one time and 2012 that the house that year, but the house popular vote that you're actually went democratic, even though republicans maintain control the house. so the fact is five out of six times, that's not good math. and let's just take a look at the senate here. senate and presidential races and 2016 and 2020, states that voted the same way on both 68 states that

6:33 am

voted for a different party. just one that was main back in 2020. fact is straight ticket voting is the way of the land. these days, the idea that democrats down ballot could somehow outrun joe biden is such a great extent to win control in the house or maintain control in the senate, that it seems to be, to be an unlikely proposition is a pretty stark yeah, that's those are those are pretty clear numbers. terrion. thank you. thank you, sir. all right. thank you both so far this morning, congressional meetings seems to show people rallying around biden's reelection bed now he faces a different test. this week's nato summit in washington. next hour, the trial of alec baldwin in the rust on-set shooting begins with jury three selection. the judge's decision that's already considered a major win for baldwin's defense will have that story coming up every weekday morning. here are the five things you need to know to start your day, get the news, you need about this for an earnings call headlines in five minutes or less cnn's five

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burnett outfront tonight at seven on cnn this morning, nato leaders are gathering in washington to mark the 75th anniversary of the military alliance the summit gives president biden a much needed opportunity to prove to the world literally that he has what it takes to be the commander in chief and the united states white house national security council spokesperson john kirby smoke with our kate bolduan earlier and had this take on the president's ability to lead national security team needs to get to the president. >> they get to the president, and it doesn't matter what hour on the clock says. he's always there, he's always available and they have ready access to him. and he also knows that the world doesn't take a breather after a certain time of day with me now is general wesley clark, former nato supreme allied commander and founder of renew america together.

6:39 am

>> thank you so much for sticking with us this morning. can you just explain what this means for nato to see what is happening here in the united states with democrats starting to sort of pull apart a bit when it comes to biden and his potential reelection, how do they maneuver this? what are they doing? and how did they perceive at all? >> well, lego was watched with concern us politics for a long time. it's, it's nothing new but this is new. this concern, right at the time of the nato summit about whether the democrats selected nominee the current president, is going to continue to run for him yesterday, he was on another network saying if anybody thinks are better than me, let them run against me. i mean, he's come out very strongly. this is what nato wants to hear. nato wants president biden reelected. why? because

6:40 am

he's your proven leader he's been behind the resurgence of nato unity. we've got two new members of nato. we're going to put a pledge out there to support ukraine for the next ten years. these are all things that are very welcome. and on the other side of it, there's mr. trump who shows he has some sympathy for putin's dream that he could overrun ukraine, start a war against 40 million people murder, rape, torture, abductions of children, and destroying on a state that's not a good dream show for nato. it's a very clear choice and the leaders here are hoping and wanting to hear a very strong and vigorous president biden starting this afternoon when he opens a nato summit do you think he has something to prove to nato? i listened some of the things and it looks like the congressional democrats have come out of this meeting and it seems to be that they are together and behind joe biden

6:41 am

this morning, although there are still some who think he should not go forward with the reelection campaign, but does biden have anything? and to prove in front of nato himself well, i think actually it doesn't have anything to prove other than just being there being strong, saying what he's planned to say, he's got a strong staff with them. >> surgery, austin surgery, blinken there, there, they're doing the bilateral suppose on the meetings alongside the summit meetings dinners and so forth prison biden just got to be president biden look, every country has its own politics. nato is an alliance of democracies and france understands it. britain just a reluctant, just elected a new government. france went through this terrible crushing parliamentary two rounds of elections people understand

6:42 am

this. this is the thing about democracy that maybe mr. putin doesn't understand it's in an autocracy and he can change in a heartbeat. president biden's representing 75% of the american people who strongly support ukraine and that's not going to change. i hope mr. putin understands that general wesley clark. thank you so much for your analysis this morning. appreciate having you on john. all right. at this moment, house democrats are meeting behind closed doors. we don't have pictures. house democrats are meeting behind closed doors. we're waiting for word. what's taking place inside the meeting? it's important to note c, house leaders who seem to be against president biden running just a few days ago, seem to have shifted. things seem to be moving in his direction and 20 years ago today, a film that made musk popular how much time i love

6:43 am

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conquer 300. thank you overweight. >> he right? the smooth writing, longest lasting gelling pin in america finance

6:47 am

i'm stephanie elam in los angeles, and this is cnn right no >> house democrats are in an old caucus meeting behind closed doors to talk about what to do about joe biden. a handful of members who have publicly called for president biden to step aside now face-to-face with the other members that are voicing their strong support for the president and staying in the race. a chief concern among the members calling on biden to get out of the race is the potential drag that he could now have on down-ballot races, on house races, and senate races among those voicing concern about the down-ballot drag. adam schiff, who's now running for senate in california look, there are concerns with the impact on

6:48 am

down-ballot races. >> joe biden, who is going to need to consider for his own sake and his own legacy. can he beat donald trump is the best to beat donald trump? but also the profound impact this decision, maybe the most important of his presidency will have on the house, on the senate, on the future of the country and joining us right now is a democratic senator from california. the fonts of butler senator, thank you so much for coming in. adam schiff is a democrat running for your senate seat, which you've announced that you'll be vacating after this term. he and other dem say that there are real concerns that biden is going to drag down the ticket. you're standing with biden. do you think those concerns? are wrong i think all of the concerns are valid the president admitted and the people saw horrible debate performance. >> so all of the concerns are valid and have to be taken into consideration as i've said before, i believe the president is responsible people, patriot, who's going to take into consideration all of those all

6:49 am

of those key points. and the american people are expecting us to get here to do the work, deliver, and to put forward candidates that are going to deliver on what their will is issues like abortion and education and housing. and i think this is a president that has demonstrated he's committed to do it when that house, house democrats are meeting now, senate democrats are gathering later a little later for the week we launched what is your message to other democrats when it comes to this question about president biden and his candidacy? >> again, concerns are valid conversation is important the president has earn the votes of millions of democrats primary election. he has said that he intends to continue to stay in this race as the democratic nominee and secure the night nomination at the convention in august. and so my voice and itch to my colleagues will be,

6:50 am

let's continue to do the work we can't take a single voter for granted. let's make sure that we are making the making it known to the american people. the work of this president, not only the past four years, but what he's committed to do over the next four years, the supreme court has made it clear that whoever is president next is going to be required to be a president of great character. otherwise, that that person can utilize the offices, the office of the presidency, and its agencies to commit crimes literally, the ruling of the court. so my conversation, my commitment to my colleagues number of them are on the ballot is that i'm not i'm going to focus on doing to work talking to voters in places where there may not be watching cnn every single day, rural america, urban america, and doing the work to win this election because

6:51 am

everything is at stake. >> one thing, you've been talking about and also fitting with your resume before joining the senate, you were the president of emily's list just yesterday, the rnc moved forward to adopt what's being described as softer language with regard to the party's platform on abortion. no mention of a national abortion ban. the platform mirroring more donald trump stands was, is leaving decisions to the states. does a softer platform on abortion now make it harder to argue your case against donald trump what former president trump in those who are putting together now this platform it were also the folks who put together the 2020, 2016 platform for donald trump and let that platform stand in 2024, donald trump and now he wants to have a quote, unquote softer position on abortion. >> what we know and what president trump showed in the debate is that he is a liar and

6:52 am

american people cannot trust any platform that is being put forward in this convention, whether it's softer language or not, told us who we was in 20 16, he told us who he was and what he would do in 2020. and i believe he's just now trying to he's now learned that the american people don't support that position. and he's trying to fool the american people into believing that he now has some, somehow now become softer on this issue. he has lied on this issue as so many others and that's why the character of the next president is so important is why we have gotten to ensure that the democratic nominee comes out to prevail in november up and down the ballot to execute on the wheel of the american senator butler. thank you very much for your time. really appreciate it i want to head back now out to our lauren fox is outside the meeting of house democrats. sounds like it may have just started wrapping up lauren, what are you hearing from everybody?

6:53 am

>> yeah members are just leaving this meeting and i just talked to representative richard neal. i talked to him going into the meeting and just now coming out, he said leadership is in listening mode. they want to get the sense of what the caucus believed he is what they think. the next steps should be. they said he told me that they were not putting their thumb on the scale at this moment inside the room members are taking turns coming and voicing their views of what exactly biden should be doing, what the democrats should be doing in this moment. but i will tell you that richard neal says he is saying ending by the president and he did hear several members talking that they also are standing by the president. now, he declined to lay out specifically what was said in the room because house leadership made the case to their membership that if they are going to have a true conversation, that they need to keep the details of what happens in the room between the democratic family. richard neal told me that that was actually the largest applause line of

6:54 am

anything that leadership said inside. again, we are still talking to members as they are just starting and to trickle out mike quigley just left this meeting. he was getting his bike saying that he still has concerns about the president, but i will just tell you right now, democrats are really soul-searching in this moment. they are trying to figure out what the next steps are going to be and the reality here is that changing horses the middle of this race would be extremely difficult. and i think that that reality is starting to sink in for members. you heard that from jerry nadler as he entered the meeting just a few days ago, cnn reported that he had some concerns about biden's ability to do this job, then he made clear this morning. he's really the only candidate that they have in this race lauren, stick with us. >> there's clearly a lot going on and it's it sounds sounds like coming out not nothing yet decided. we need to hear from leaders if they're going to speak when they come out of this meeting. but the gershon continues, lauren fox is going to be speaking with more

6:55 am

members as they're leaving this gathering of house democrats, a family meeting, soul searching is how she's describing it will be right back after this i love cnn is live from milwaukee as republicans unite behind their nominee, his vp, and their plan to take that the white house follow cnn for complete coverage. >> the republican national convention starts monday at 8:00. on cnn hey folks, chris kuhnian here, relief filter, america's largest gutter and gutter protection company. >> we filter as over 150 locations and has been installed on over 1 million homes. we even protect and homes now for over 20 20 years are patented technology offers total protection for your home and comes with a lifetime transferable warranty. the process is simple. give us a call to schedule your free gutter inspection. if you decide to move forward to project, you pointed nothing down at all a33 leaf filter or visit leaf today? >> hi, it's christina again. i'm here to tell you about an

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good race. - you too. you were tough out there. thank you. i'm getting you next time though. oh i got you, i got you. down goes jewett. jewett and amos are down. what a lovely sign of sportsmanship. you okay? yeah. ♪ ♪ your team most deaths study of

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shark bites do this these shots are sobel continues tonight at 8:00 on discovery it is time to talk serious and to get real. it may not be the most accurate depiction of quality journalism, but it sure is the gosh darn funniest anchorman, the outrageous movie starring will ferrell. if you can believe it turns 20-years-old today considering it marked the beginning of my television career, it's great. the cast stacked with comedic genius, steve corral, paul rudd, christina applegate, fred willard, my favorite, and with solar how many memorable lines that are burned into our brains still today, anchorman remains iconic you really want to know what love is. yes. tell us more than anything in the world drawn wow it's really quite simple it's kind of like guna

7:00 am

fine. my baby got to hold her tide going to grabbed some afternoon delight mamata has always been when it's right, it's right while waiting to the middle of a cold, dark night, we everything's a little later in the lie they we know that that is always going to be there any way it's just like our show meetings way through them. the whole thing and despite all the way to live for cnn news central, the musical to you live something no one wants. so thank you for joining us. >> boats that i'm pulling yeah. do it. would you like to come on? come where it is san diego. come from john durham no one happens next. >> enter, give it to a real

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