A55 stretch closed due to 'serious' crash - live updates (2024)

A stretch of the A55 has been closed due to a "serious" crash. Traffic Wales have warned that the expressway is shut westbound between Junction 15A Pen y Clip and Junction 15 for Llanfairfechan.

Drivers have been urged to avoid the area. Long delays are building.

  • The road has now reopened.

This is a breaking news story. We will bring you all the latest as we get it via our live blog below.

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Steve Bagnall

Emergency services approached for further information

We have approached the emergency services for more information and will let you know when they get back.

Steve Bagnall

Signing in

Good morning. I'll be bringing further updates on this incident. Steve Bagnall

Owen Hughes

Road has reopened

The A55 has now reopened to all traffic..

There are still some delays due to the backlog of traffic.

A55 stretch closed due to 'serious' crash - live updates (1)

Owen Hughes

Latest update

The main carriageway at Junction 19(Glan Conwy) is in the process of being opened.

Owen Hughes

Nearly there

Traffic Wales said: "We are now in the process of reopening the road. All lanes & slip roads between J18 - J15 are open. J19 Glan Conwy will reopen shortly."

Owen Evans

Recovery of vehicles 'progressing well'

Traffic Wales said recovery of the vehicles was 'progressing well'


Owen Evans

Crane on the scene

A crane is on the scene as the vehicles are recovered.

With rush hour underway, delays are set to get a lot worse in the coming hour or so.

Owen Evans

Latest police statement

Here's what police are currently saying about the situation.

Officers are currently dealing with a RTC involving a car towing a caravan and a HGV, which occurred at the Llanfairfechan roundabout on the A55.

The road has been closed and emergency services are likely to be in attendance for some further time."

Owen Evans

Congestion along A470

The congestion along the diversion route is pretty bad at the moment.


Owen Evans

Major delays on road network

There are major delays on the road network as a result of the crash.

Huge queues have built up on the A55, with long delays on the diversion route along the A470 and A5.

A55 stretch closed due to 'serious' crash - live updates (4)

Owen Evans

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Owen Evans

Image from the scene

Here is an image from Craig Sheehan showing emergency services at the scene earlier today.

A55 stretch closed due to 'serious' crash - live updates (5)

Owen Evans

Badly damaged vehicles at the scene

Images being shared widely on social media show the badly damaged vehicles at the scene.

The cab of the lorry has crashed forwards onto the road. The car is on its roof, and the caravan being towed by the car has been destroyed.

No details on injuries have yet been provided officially, although claims are being made on social media that nobody has been badly hurt.

Owen Evans

Crash elsewhere

Elsewhere in North Wales, the air ambulance has landed at the scene of a crash in Shotton.

You can get the latest on that incident here.

Owen Evans

Stay in lane

Drivers being taken off the A55 are being urged to stay in lane 1.


Owen Evans

Trapped traffic being released

Trapped traffic is now being released.


Owen Hughes


This is the diversion facing drivers heading westbound.

A55 stretch closed due to 'serious' crash - live updates (6)

Owen Hughes

Caravan and van involved

The fire service are in attendance with crews from Bangor and Llandudno. A special incident vehicle is also coming from Holyhead.

The crash involves a light goods vehicle and a car and caravan.

Owen Hughes

Queues on the A55

Llanfairfechan farmer Gareth Wyn Jones has posted this video showing the queues on the A55 after the serious crash that has closed the road.

A55 now pic.twitter.com/rg7ZkQeJAG

— Gareth Wyn Jones (@1GarethWynJones) June 26, 2024

Owen Hughes

Location of the crash

A55 stretch closed due to 'serious' crash - live updates (7)

Owen Hughes

A55 closure update

Traffic Wales will soon be closing the A55 at Glan Conwy with a major diversion in place.

They said: "We will shortly be closing the #A55 westbound from J19 Glan Conwy. Traffic will be asked to use the #A470 & #A5 via Betws y coed."

Owen Hughes

'Avoid the area'

The A55 has been closed in one direction.

The crash happened in the westbound direction at Llanfairfechan.

A police spokesperson said: "Following a road traffic collision A55 westbound at Llanfairfechan roundabout j15 is currently closed, please avoid the area for the time being."

Owen Hughes

Logging in

Police have reported a serious crash on the A55, we will bring you the latest updates as we get them

A55 stretch closed due to 'serious' crash - live updates (2024)


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